Saturday, August 10, 2019

When Friend Forgets to Pay Back Loans Personal Statement

When Friend Forgets to Pay Back Loans - Personal Statement Example This is true, and such situations need to be handled with care. If a friend of mine does not repay the loan, I will have no option but to confront him in a peaceful and amicable manner. Firstly, I would arrange for the both of us to have an open talk. A friendly and confiding talk can bridge the gap that the unpaid loan has brought in. Next, I would ask him for the reason that had prevented him form keeping up his word. I shall help him take me into confidence and confide in me about his position or circumstance. By treating him with courtesy and not intending to spoil our friendship, I would also talk to him openly about my dilemma. The fact that I am in a financial crunch and in bad need of the sum would be explained to him in a very amicable manner. Next, I would go no to tell him that if not for this crunch, I wouldn't have been hell-bent and too strict with the dates of repayment. I would politely but strictly tell him to repay it within a week at the maximum.

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