Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Cuban Missile Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Cuban Missile Crisis - Essay Example During 1962, the President of Soviet Union was repeatedly accused of creating a missile gap between the US and Soviet Union. At that point of time, Soviet Union was desperately behind the US in terms of balancing the power of armed forces. It felt insecure as its missiles could only be utilized against Europe, whereas US missiles were able to assault the entire Soviet Union. Furthermore, Cuba also feared about an assault from the US army. Cuba was also searching for a way to defend the island from US attack. Due to these reasons, Soviet chief conceived the idea of positioning missiles in Cuba. In order to defend the island, Cuba had approved the plan of Soviet Union to position missiles in the island. This missile positioning strategy in Cuba was intended to enhance the strategic resources and to restrict the possibility of the US threat on Cuba as well as Soviet Union. This was the build-up of a grave missile crisis in Cuba between two global superpowers2. In the US, the crisis started when satellite images exposed Soviet missiles under installation in Cuba. As the US forces scrutinized transportation activities in Cuba, gossips started to flow in Washington. Through the investigation, the US had revealed the presence of defensive missiles in Cuba. Although Soviet Union allegedly declared that there were no invasive missiles in Cuba, US had discovered the existence of missiles in Cuba. This situation resulted in intense arguments within top levels of governments. During the Cuba missile crisis, tensions started to generate from both sides3. Considering the situation, the US had asserted that any kind of nuclear launch from Cuba would be termed as an attack on the US by Soviet Union and consequently it could start a new nuclear war. In the meantime, the US had also directed Soviet Union to eliminate all the offensive missiles from Cuba. One of the most precarious moments of the crisis occurred when the US destroyers were forced to isol ate Cuba4. A

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