Wednesday, June 12, 2019


HOWARD GOODALL&aposS 20TH CENTURY GREATS - THE BEATLES - Coursework ExampleThe mainstreaming technology is a significant feature in the video.From the 1996 common music presentation, the Beatles shows a well-organized and choreographic presentation. The unique features are justified through the various dance shows in the video. The video in addition presents a rich seminal fluid of a revolutionized regime in the popular music industry. The justification of the ideology is evident in the discussion presented in the video via different scenes. The video also portrays interesting elements aimed at depicting the nature of the musical world to a large extent. I find the video to have significant features of the musical history. The exposition on musical notes and keys adds logic to the musical world. The background song in the video explains a set of musical instruments harmonized to produce a abiding effect. The song in the video is a great piece of the late 19th century. The use of the song in the video enlightens a given earshot on musical history.The videos music explains the extent to which musical history changes given the various pieces and artists. I find the elaborations in the video to lean a connection between cultures and generations. Additionally, the presentation of musical pieces through varying musical cords is of essence in the musical history. The video extract explains a link between cords of the 19th century. As such, a given audience easily associates the changing artists tradition to the varying generations. The video is a prototype that captures a listeners attention due to the varying harmonization in the musical pieces. I find the song I am present old fashioned due to the missing pieces of cord harmonization. As such, a given audience would note the difference easily. Other pieces presented in the song traverse beyond the rhythm in the

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