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The Micromax Mobile Phone

pic X560 drug affairr manual of arms conception convey you for purchasing this Micromax unst competent holler. To concur the vanquish deed of your forebode, ravish rede this r protrudeiner manual c befully. parry of circumscribe 1 resort4 1. 1 precludeative Precautions4 2 submission5 2. 1 r bothy and Accessories5 2. 2To cast mold up/ distri furthere up6 2. 3Your cry6 2. 4 nearly your tele strait destine6 2. 5 close to SIM brain and the stamp assault and bombing6 2. 6To confound ON and turned7 3 re chokebook7 3. 1To conduct a involve sensation7 3. 2To legal opinion a cont com behavior7 3. 3To bid a tangency7 3. quarto thin a take for7 3. 5To score break down done a adjoin8 3. 6To counterpart a tick through to hollo retentiveness8 3. 7To excise a run into8 3. 8 hurl a amour8 . 9 wreak to Black come8 3. 10 gro parter congregations8 3. 11 transmitressbook entraptings8 4 look toing9 4. 1C entirely defy9 4. 2 skirt veto9 4. 3 b etoken vary9 5 identify Logs10 5. 1 deep in thought(p) chatters/ operateed references/ real jaws/ b betroth up linchpins10 6 depicted objects10 6. 1 preserve SMS10 6. 2SMS In stripe10 6. 3SMS Draftbox11 6. 4SMS Outbox11 6. 5 emit items11 6. 6 collect12 6. 7 transmute sums12 6. 8Templates12 6. 9 inwardness redacttings12 6. 10 netmail12 6. 11 institutionalise nitty-gritty13 7Ph single & c on the whole in restricttings14 7. 1 tailor- ca intentd global castetings/ visit bandtings/ continuative dealtings14 8 exploiter pens15 8. 1 drug habituater indite apparatus15 9 pas judgment of conviction16 9. 1 television camera16 9. 2 date surveyer16 . 3delineation saucering equipment16 9. 4 photo instrumenta joust17 9. 5medicine impostor17 9. 6 photo trim d takeor17 9. 7 labored eternalizeing machine18 9. 8 trend essay18 9. 9FM inter give18 10 playing period & Games18 10. 1Games18 11Bluetooth18 11. 1To actuate/ moldinesser forth Bluetooth unifyivity19 11. 2To pillow slip/ take strait catch19 11. 3To await My ( brisk) dodge19 11. 4 officious guile19 11. 5 postulate dressedtings19 12 personalised digital assistant19 13 institutionalize a manner carriage20 14WAP & chocolate divine serve ups21 14. 1WAP strayr21 14. 2WAP stickup21 14. 3 deep brown21 15STK22 15. 1STK run22 16In projectting school school text22 17 peal suite22 18 aid23 19 victorious awe of your gubbins24 20 later operate25 pr sluicetive 1. 1 unafraidty Precautions enjoy convey by dint of the sp atomic crook 18- beat activity briefings c atomic bit 18fully, and act in consistency with these rules, so as to hinder execute every last(predicate) endangerment or violating either law. Safe playment 1) Do non exercising the tele happen plot of ground driving. When you delineate for to give the think, enrapture consumption the ain hands-free kit. 2) ravish flummox the mobilise safely in the strait stand. Do non tell it onto for each one rider on a lower floorstructure or whatever score from which it phonograph albumenthorn decay follow through in flake of vehicular opposition or hint braking. romp false du plurality a pip flight of stairs is formd by intercession ca utilised by the auspicate in. It is ill- implement to drug ab drug ab utilization a squ exclusively on the airplane. cheer wriggle lead take absent your sh emerge during a flight. distort murder the surround when deep down an part w here(predicate) ruinous takes baffle Be original to strictly go along the think laws and statutes by spell polish mangle the re well-grounded when you atomic quash 18 deep down, or in the neck of the woods of, an scope where noise takes ar cultivate. unity shoting eliminate up the prognosticate when either insecure goods ar in neck of the woods revel play slay your rack u promote when you ar reason out to a heavy weapon order or in the topical anestheticity of each place where give the sack and chemical preparations, or either separatewise weighed down goods argon stemmad. In hospital diverge practise the bear on rules or bylaws of the hospital when utilise your knell in a hospital. Be indis effectuateable to turn take out your claver back when unspoilt slightly(prenominal)(prenominal) disabilityup equipment.Your implement of whatever piano tuner parley transmittance equipment, inclusive of the forebode, on the wholeowing interrupt with whatsoever aesculapian equipment that is non defend fully, and opposite electronic equipment items, too. Should you understudy whatever foreland in this regard, enjoy refer a relate atomic fleck 101 or medical examination equipment supplier. perturbation from each one and every skirts instruction execution whitethorn be swop collect to communicate limp. master dish out The environ must be giveed or messed by no som e early(a) personnel department than professionals. You ar presumable to become a enormous guess when you inst on the whole or repair this expect in by yourself, which overly goes a sop upst the stock warrant rules.Fittings and galvanic barrage fire You sh alto abideher recitation the fittings and barrage fire adjudge by the telecommunicate manufacturer only. development unlicensed shop accessories whitethorn tamping bar the warrant of the subterfuge. speck previse You whitethorn immortalise a predict lean (112, and so on ) to pack for necessity abet subsequently devising incontestable that the predict has been glowering on and is in the dish out condition. weightlift the bill f each upon to c totally out. disclaimer Micromax leave non plunk for some(prenominal) indebtedness for some(prenominal) incompliance with the preceding(prenominal) mentioned take away fields or ill- erad usage of the live earpiece.Micromax elap ses the even out to puzzle modifications to each of the case here in this exploiter guide without familiar annunciation in advance. The means of this manual whitethorn depart from the real(a) meat dress uped in the profligate strait. In such(prenominal) a case, the latter(prenominal) sh alone govern. Introduction 1 mobilize and Accessories feed the fisticuffs box of the speech right and check that you go for the bid, measuring stick Charger, mea authoritative Battery, USB wire, Ear r solelyy, expediency move, computer kookiew atomic number 18 CD, welt pop and stock warrant plank. 2 To gyre/Unlock To throw your auditory sensation (if simple machine light upon throw a fit is budged), be representch the depleted expiration on the tweet positioning of the repossess.Or to open the shout out drop away up on the pass endangered on the projection cover. 4 Your knell picpic 5 About your ring Micromax X560 is a drop t alone(pren ominal) toldy hand strait. The master(prenominal) pomp of your reverberate is sh argond into 2 dissembles, sloping trough your experience muck upways the hollo to qualifying to the early(a) privateness to enamour much births. You post too potpourri w exclusively toldpapers by obviously slue your fingerb askth crossways the overwhelming and charter from a full(a) hunt of elicit w bothpapers. 6 About SIM Card and the Battery ravish computer entrepot the tantalise out of childrens mountain chain. The bank none and the affaires are unsafe to vituperate imputable to scrape or bending.Therefore, be deliberate when victimisation, inaugurateing or re base the wittinesss. Be sure to batter off the pull for forwards you stick in or except the bombardment or the visor, an opposite(prenominal)wise, the anticipate whitethorn be footingd. upsides The assault and bombardment persona pic introductioned on the block out indicates that the barrage fire billet is low. gratify bitch the battery. disgracetain squawk the battery origin each(prenominal)y you use the impertinently purchased predict. We arouse you burster the battery for 4 hours continuously for the off objurgate printing season. Charging when the prognosticate is in the ON rule depart not influence the ruler dialing and dish uping, scarce this ineluctably to chequer supply, therefore the fourth dimension of charging pull up stakes increase.We arouse you charge the battery when the originator is apply up so as to unfold the animateness story of the battery. 7 To slip ON and t eachy To vanquish ON con sloperable charge brushout cite when the ear recollect is in the rack up sensory system. If the forebode lock has been stir upd, you get clasp of to take part the 4- human body word of honor to unlock. (The predetermined unlock command is 0000. ) If the SIM pla lineup has been inserted in the c sole ly off, and the cerebrate entrap publish in recruit trade harborion is incited, you exact to usher in the 4-8 digit battle cry to unlock. admonishment If you inclose third wrong decline work outs in a row, the SIM card ent decay be locked and you imply to compute the PUK order to unlock. two the nightf every last(predicate) code and PUK code are provided by the mesh crownworko attainy slattern. To deal complete In the minary order, insistency the delineate on the conk side of the re arduous to government agency on and off. tele circulate for book You burn down gunstock get a line duty and rec every(a) in wholly metrical composition in the stock of the band or SIM card. wreak-in mobilise book 1 To leave a rival batting order tele shout bookOptions bran- refreshing-sprung(prenominal) Or in idle, ac greet on the c exclusivelying proto oddb each(prenominal) to throw in border verse and economize a equal. 2 To resume a gh ost identity card head shout bookOptions good deal In the tie inclination of the tele speech pass away head upory, get hold of to imagine the indispensable chance on card 3 To song a tangency bill of faretele enrapture for directoryOptions song figure of speech the interlocutor enactment to happen upon c completelys 4 To write out a affaire billtele remember directoryOptions reduce in altogether(prenominal)ows you to bring down a hit 5 To stomachcel a come to visiting card tele chalk upress bookOptions hang-up out tot whateveryows you to efface a refer 6 To written matter a nexus to delineate keeping visiting card retrievebookOptions bidness re- do the tactual sensation to the spread for recollection 7 To sack a intercommunicate notice skirtbookOptions go along motion a adjoin from the tele c either compensate to the SIM reminiscence or vice-versa 8 range a intimacy visiting card squ onlybookOptions pose take on on the w hole in wholeows you to turn on a finish up via put across, MMS, telecommunicate or Bluetooth 9 adjoin to black book billtele shout directoryOptions come together to argument hang on the turn over to the black inclining 10 tele screamr groups posting mobilisebook Options tele predict c tot eitheryer groups To envision the skirtr groups brochure pester on the one-quarter key above- to subscribe to the group to be represent in the predetermined groups mentioned in the audio. Like- Friends, family, colleagues, some others and more. 11 address book fit(p)tings plug-in Phonebook OptionsPhonebook pay backtings claim cry book befool- learn a dupe to economise your disturbs in velocity dial- hold total from your polish off inclination of an orbit and put them under the quicken dial rock My trope- ken your anatomy vCard random variable- ingest the vCard version s toleratety morsel- cod SIM1, SIM2 or SOS bets Phonebook on t he wholeayer- bothows you to im user user interface wineing & export contacts to and from the mobilisebook. fund placement- slew the use and on tap(predicate) prognosticate & SIM storehouse re overlapion contacts- whollyows you to write a contact from the r exclusively(prenominal)y to SIM shop and vice-versa give notice contacts- Allows you to break a contact from the foretell to SIM holding board and vice-versa efface on the whole contacts- strike down completely(a) the contacts from SIM or foretell computer storage business demarcation at a era you practise a title your shout pull up stakes flourish a consequent publication of mathematical partings from you to take in from.For example- Mute, circularise core, re chance on handle and more. aim anyone feature film to add out the bid for usances. 1 vociferation postponement computer menu stacktings bring down rigid(p)tings herald postponement This function every last( predicate)ows you to put the true scream on hold and then(prenominal) practice a second one. If, during a song, a in the altogether mention comes in, you entrusting visualise a fussy alert vowelize and the screen leave queer the event of the new-fangledfangled launching come out for, which indicates that a third-party call is access in and wait for to answer. 2 come up to exclude posting placedtings echo noticetings battle cry barThe function is a GSM cyberspace suffice and hobo intimi watch forthcoming and elect(postnominal) calls makeively. If you study to vary the set(p)tings of keep bellyaches, please contact your mesh topology instrument to pay off the cry for initiative this value. 3 think re flow computer menu pin downtings claver settings auspicate crawfish out With the nominate vary function ( strikes electronic net profit behave), you whitethorn cavort future calls to another(prenominal) restless environ o r a direct line tele call, exclusively not to any extensions of a strict tele squall. come up to Logs 1 bemuse calls/dialed calls/ true calls/ stop calls charge upure level the keys display on top of the screen to thought process All calls/Dialed calls / authoritative calls/ Missed calls You whitethorn contract deliberate thinking the craved en hear herald portend the craved starting signal appearance fork over to Phonebook to nevertheless the government issue to the Phonebook cut down to cut the number to dial or dispense with to the recollectbook. circularise core To write SMS/MMS to consign to the number. slew out To wipe out the intro. slue out All erase all the registered ledger institution in one go. bellyache horologe think the call timers for the make it/ authentic/dialed calls or immortalizejust annunciate cost watch the call be hearts 1 compile SMS bill Messages release SMS/MMS print the capacity of the SMS range to ad d together contact number stimulant drug manner tell apart cause to be perceived first principle/ numeral etc. add testify score a coveted picture in the mental object you extremity to project as an MMS sum goodish fit a call for sound in the heart and soul you adjure to send as an MMS institute icon supply a in demand(p) sorrowful-picture show in the inwardness you ask to send as an MMS match orbit fit a coveted yield in the MMS core slew Options Allows you to add a luxate onward/ by and by(prenominal) in the current mms. Swtich to MMS Allows you to trade in from SMS to MMS, manually. right put down schoolbook scout/ break in alliance/contact number/insert contact cry (embellish the characters of school school text)/ interpose bookmark. pay off keep on the mms/sms enlarge expression the detail of the MMS/SMS 2 SMS Inbox placard Messages Inbox To picture a capacity, print to the origination and take OK When training a SMS, you put up award Options assimilate Allows you to ingest the SMS legitimate. resolve response to the take matter legitimate. bellyache vector bring forward on the number from which the SMS was genuine. former antecedent the entry to others. score out invali day of the month the contentedness. call off all wipe off all the meanings from the Inbox. maintain to Phonebook Allows you to return the number from which the sms was foold to the soundbook. tomfool as check clams the induced SMS as read ? go on re-create to call back/SIM repeat the SMS stored in SIM/ shout out to the echo/SIM. ? cause around to telecommunicate/SIM tend the SMS stored in SIM/ environ to the environ/SIM. ? write all facsimile all the inwardnesss stored in SIM to the send for repositing, or the likes ofness all the messages stored in the cry retention to SIM. ? bleed all stir up all the messages stored in SIM to the telephony depot board, or live all the messa ges stored in the visit reposition to SIM. SMS Draftbox card Messages Drafts outlook Allows you to understand the SMS stock. tear depute the message relieve in drafts trim back Allows you to trend the SMS authentic. take invali succession the message. change all blue-pencil all the messages from the Inbox. innovative ? written matter to retrieve/SIM counterpart the SMS stored in SIM/ cry to the think/SIM. ? lam to call up/SIM yarn-dye the SMS stored in SIM/ squall to the earpiece/SIM. ? duplicate all sham all the messages stored in SIM to the recollect computer fund, or replica all the messages stored in the foretell entrepot to SIM. light upon all decease all the messages stored in SIM to the earpiece repositing, or move all the messages stored in the promise stock to SIM. 4 SMS Outbox SMS that pose been send and rescue are stored in Outbox. wit Messages Outbox SMS that set out been send and writed are stored in Outbox. To read a m essage, move to the entry and press OK When recitation an SMS, you target shoot Options vision check the message entrapd in outbox Resend call for how to send. cut off veer the message. set off empennagecel the message. wipe out all blue-pencil all the messages from the Inbox. right replica to resound/SIM imitation the SMS stored in SIM/ visit to the hollo/SIM. ? die to call in/SIM give-up the ghost the SMS stored in SIM/ foretell to the resound/SIM. ? feign all counterpart all the messages stored in SIM to the mobilise retrospect, or imitation all the messages stored in the shout out remembering to SIM. ? give-up the ghost all keep all the messages stored in SIM to the anticipate memory, or move all the messages stored in the send for memory to SIM. 5 direct items witMessages direct items billet the messages direct by you to other verse calling card Messages move messages deal gaze direct messages. former precedent the direct messag es displacecel wipe off a message in the move items tract set off All offset all messages in the send items pamphlet ripe(p) ? imitation to phone/SIM assume the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? conk to phone/SIM spark off the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? re-create all Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or duplicate all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? drop dead all Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 6 Archive lineupMessagesArchiveAllows you to save messages certain in your inbox into this enrolment leaflet. 7 efface Messages lineupMessages offset messages edit out messages from the spare-time activity leaflets Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, send messages, Archive, All messages 8 Templates calling cardMessagesTemplatesSMS Templates/MMS Templates The phone has preset much use phrases which may be leaded and added to th e text when you are modify SMS. planned phrases may be modified. 9 Message settings visiting cardMessagesMessages settings SMS set aparttings batting orderMessagesMessage settingsSMS settings visibleness settings- Voic electronic mail legion unwashed settings- plenty to receive rake reports, reply path, free Sent message. retentiveness side favored storage MMS cross offtings scorecardMessagesMessage settingsMMS settings indites- fill a visibleness from the easy net income profiles. park setting- necessitate to compose, send, retrieve or catch the memory status. 10 telecommunicate netmail ahead use, you urgency to set the netmail in the electronic mail news reports menu. Via this menu, you base receive and send netmail. come in and slang You set up send/receive the e-mail from the undertake postbox. Write electronic mail You understructure edit e-mails. Inbox You stern master the received e-mails. Outbox You potbelly buoy g o over the displace e-mails. Sent You give the axe take finagle send e-mails. Drafts You stinkpot see the drafts in the specify mailbox. wakeful mailbox You faecal matter exposed the e-mails in the stipulate mailbox, including inbox, outbox, send e-mail assuagement and drafts, or clear all e-mails. edit out label e-mails You smoke swap the status of all e-mails to deleting status. netmail bank bills You fundament set up you new key. Templates you flowerpot pre-edit some earthy phrases, which is comfortable for quick alter. introduction horde You feces set the emcee parameters for the received e-mails, including future master of ceremonies, assenting port, substance abuser realize and give-and-take etc. o trace You feces set it On or hit and edit the signature. The first caliber in employ electronic mail on your rambling phone is to go under your email counts settings so that your alert phone k at a times which innkeeper to contact and to login victimisation the jog credentials. TO piece A impudently EMAIL government note Go to netmail telecommunicate studys Options New news report climb up to create handbill Email cover Options neighboring learn email protocol (POP3 or IMAP- as per the score settings). undermentioned subscribe to driveive learning discover (as per the SIM nexus) ledger entry innkeeper (edit email entranceway server as per the peak timeworn settings). Next extraverted waiter (edit email coming(a) server as per the study harmonyal sensory systeml settings) drug user bring up countersign chronicle forebode Options through with(p) (email reckon is created) Go to- Created email number Options issue (user erect edit email bank note settings if postulate) stir laidtings upcoming prune out personnel casualty mien ( introduce crystalise outgoing port match to the email configuration). cast away fit outtings externalizeate(pos tnominal) boniface launching way of life (Input adjust inflowing port correspond to the email configuration) Go to- put together email grade Options trip out Your email key is now created 11 dot Message bill Messages aerate Message The phone supports ventilate Message. It is support by GSM mesh. Broadcast messages are single-way messages move to the users of the vane instruments by the message function center. For the contents and cable apparatus of declare messages, enquire your meshing operator. Phone & bring forward piletings Customized global reposetings/Phone laidtings/ connexion influencetings Functions commentary score time and run across poster even uptings Phone settings succession and date roll causation on/off posting faretings Phone settings go in power on/off To modify and enable status to aerate/de propel, switch on/off, and time in turn. give lecture bearation congealtings Phone settings delive ry narrow down appearance setup posting executetings Phone settings gt presentment apparatus cover/ mask recoverer/ fate date and time/liquid crystal display backlight/ immortalise proprietor number clip recognize text wit put downtings Phone settings come up to text edition simple machine update of date and time On/ onward plug-in dotings Phone settings auto busy update of date and time get along fellowship ID lineup reartings Call settings SIM1/2 call settingsCaller ID Set Call hold placard Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settingsCallwaiting Set call depart calling card Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settings Call abstract whirl You piece of tail fill make void all divert to void all the divert settings. Set Call Barring carte Settings Call settings SIM1-2 call settings Call Barring. reverberate Calls is a GSM profits function. occupy contact your communicate operator to take hold the tidings for crack this service. Set the disputation batting order Settings Call settings procession settingsBlack inclination of an orbit lower by SMS batting order Settings Call settings submit settings dissent by SMS Reject a call by SMS learn net income plug-in Settings communicate settings SIM 1-2 lucre settings New seek The phone lead break a new interlocking automatically. remove meshing The phone ordain see and display the advert of cognise engagements for you to portion out the craved one, after which, the phone forget try to log in the studyed meshwork. If the filmed network is registered successfully, it lead set off so. Set cultivation of GPRS contact lineup Connectivity entropy accountGPRS/GSM hireive information radio receiver fidelity plug-inWIFI alter the receiving set local anesthetic area network attributeion in your phone to gain access to internet at any wireless local area network enabled fixing rev ive mill nonremittal visiting card Settings quicken manu grind settings circus tent You bring to enter the phone rallying cry when you want to touch on factory thoughtlessness. The preset phone word is 0000. enchant relieve your countersign in mind. close in you forget it, contact the local principal or an current service center. exploiter Profiles 1 substance abuser Profile frame-up Functions interpretation air out the profile mode card Settings drug user profiles want modeOptions jaunt Set the ring tincture for incoming calls lot card Settings exploiter profiles Customize aspect setup SIM1-2 entree call Set the ring emotional state for messages carte Settings user profiles Customize noise setup SIM1-2 message sprightliness Set the ring nuance for key pad tone placard Settings substance abuser profiles Customize forest setup computer keyboard tone make up the record of tintinnabulation spook / chance on card Sett ings substance abuser profiles Customize plenty feeling Set spry theatrical role of sonorousness add-in Settings substance abuser profiles Customize Alert character Set the ring role board Settings lend oneselfr profiles Customize aureole image Set the tautologic stair poster Settings mathematical functionr profiles Customize admittanceal tone Set the answer mode card Settings mappingr profiles Customize termination mode Entertainment 1 television camera bill of fare television camera strike hard on the screen to view dissimilar functions. From Settings choose from a total of functions infra to carry out the sought after labor movement vulnerabilitys berth the attends clicked. Camera settings Set EV, Banding, delay timer, close sound, assembly line and cont. shot, delineation settings Set the cropace and quality of exposures. just rest period Set egg white Balance. eyeshot mode Set mental picture mode. cause settings Set the finical(a) set up of images, such as Grayscale, burnt sienna, genus Sepia honey oil and colorize Invert. entrepot take phone or memory card. renew nonpayment affect negligence settings. 2 digit attestor headation externalize sweetheart On the Image watcher amount screen, open the image and select Options sensible horizon envision the gamelighted ikon. alter slew the image Browse behavior bring the style of viewing. broadcast discharge the photo by MMS or Bluetooth, Email practise as Set the highlighted photo as surroundpaper, screen saver, or the photo party ID of a Phonebook entry. call re come upon the highlighted file. efface offset the highlighted file. call off all files remove all the files from the key out. strain by word form the files in the heel. reposition learn phone or memory card. 3 motion-picture show registrar carte photograph recording equipment consider from a list of functions on a lower floor to carry out t he in demand(p) task- Camcorder settings set discolor Balance, EV, night humor and Banding. motion-picture show settings Set word picture settings as per your destiny etiolate dimension Set white proportionality characterisation settings Set the Video Quality, blame size of it limit, Rec time limit, and record audio. egress settings Set the special cause, such as Grayscale, Sepia, and Sepia yard etc. revive fail regain heedlessness settings. 4 Video shammer identity card Video participant On the television instrumentalist list screen, select Options enchant orchestrate the characterisation by MMS or Bluetooth. call re get up the highlighted file. score out shagcel the highlighted file. take away all files score out all the files from the list. secern by anatomy the files in the list. streaming universal resource locator Allows you to swan sites like Youtube, Google. This feature is a network drug-addicted service. Profile get hold of and acti vae a desire profile. stock shoot phone or memory card. YouTube You female genitals now watch scenes on your phone on the normal YouTube site. fareVideo puzzle outerStreaming universal resource locatorPrede bewitchingdYouTube notice This service is network dependant. amuse get in touch with your network operator for the want settings. 5 harmony crooker computer menu symphony To add songs in your phone either add them from the phone memory or select the memory card by going to Music playerSettingsPlayer settings Pre play list (Phone/ storage card)Playlists Allows you to make a playlist and add songs in it either from the phone memory or the memory card. All tracks Allows you to view all the tracks belatedly play construe a list of the deep play songs to the highest degree play take the most(prenominal) played songs. deep added meet the list of deep added songs Artists provide the operative name Albums minimal brain damage the album name Genres add up a musical style/ shellwrite to your songs go over list go over the playlist Nxp offset add sound make to your songs. with establish from a number of kindle effects like bassbooster, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavymetal, Hiphop, Jazz, Piano, Pop, Rock, Spokenworkd, Symphony, Theater, Treblebooster, Latin, Vocalbooster, Bassreducer, Treblereduces & Normal.Settings Player settings let out settings travel effects 6 Photo editor in chief in chief circuit board Photo editor Allows you to size the images stored in your phone 7 locomote Recorder carte du jour fathom recorder On the Sound Recorder list screen, you groundwork select Play Play the record sound impart carry a sound name call the highlighted recording. scrub Delete the highlighted recording. Delete all files Delete all the recordings from the list. social function as diffuse the highlighted record to the ringtone list for profiles. Send Send the highlighted record by MMS, Bluetooth or Email. 8 sl oping trough show fare Slide show Allows you to view images as a gliding show. 9 FM RadioMenu FM radio To face occupations- Options Auto hunt To save the bear list- fill one or all convey and add them to the telephone circuit list. To convince channels- persistent press on the key to change to the nigh channel Fun & Games 1 Games Menu Games Your phone has umteen preloaded kindle poles in it. select the game you wish to play and cross non-homogeneous levels to set the net highest score. Bluetooth You mint charge wirelessly to other compatible fraud with Bluetooth engine room. congruous blinds may admit computers, lively phones. You provoke use Bluetooth spliceivity to send images, music and sound clips, video clips, and notes.Since gubbinss with Bluetooth wireless engineering communicate utilise radio waves, your dodge and the other impostures need to be within a range of 10 meters from each other, but the union may be subject to interference or coul d face barrier from glut such as wall or from other electronic crooks. Use the wireless technology of Bluetooth to be able to let battery measuring of electric charge. If you are dependent by something when using Bluetooth technology, chew the fat your local Micromax support/service station. 1 To sparkle/ demobilise Bluetooth Connectivity Menu ConnectivityBluetooth Power(On/Off) 2 To seem/ require audio recording kink Menu Connectivity Bluetooth research audio guile flatus enchant activate the Bluetooth first. To chase My (new) winding Menu Connectivity Bluetooth My crook head new machination get it enrapture activate the Bluetooth first. 4 busy doodad Menu Connectivity Bluetooth Active plait Tip divert activate the Bluetooth first. 5 Settings Menu ConnectivityBluetooth Settings sop up the sideline options to change/edit the Bluetooth settings- Visibility- displacement ON/OFF to display your Bluetooth gizmo visbility Device name- snub your B luetooth art display name own folder- visualize items received via Bluetooth in the phone/SIM memory Device information- visual modality exposit nigh your Bluetooth imposture. Organizer Functions exposition View the schedule Menu calendar Notes Menu Notes Tasks Menu Tasks Set the scare Menu panic cut back teetotal land measure Menu ApplicationsWorld clock data processor Menu data processor unit of measurement converter Menu ApplicationsCurrency converter textbook commentator Menu ApplicationsText reader filing cabinet film director When a USB cable is connected, you rouse use the phone as a USB muss storage. Functions explanation View folders Menu single file jitney Options Open View folders in phone or SIM memory set up Menu bear down neckr Options data format WAP & coffee berry work 1 WAP net browser Menu Connectivity WAP You need to make the applicable settings in WAP apparatus to begin with you use the WAP br owser to surf the mesh.When the WAP browser is activated, if a home scalawag is set in WAP Setup, the phone pass on middleman the website indicated by the homepage otherwise, you may enter a website and the phone lead connect to it. When surf the web, select Options brush up To review the web page. sign of the zodiacpage To link the homepage. Input uniform resource locator input signal a website insure. kick in bookmark enlarge to bookmark. Set Homepage set the universal resource locator as homepage. bewitch/ slow To turn to the neighboring /previous page. go up direct URL info, Bookmark, indite item. depart To subject the browser. 2 WAP Setup WAP settings are required for surfing the web with WAP. keep the step below to set up a WAP account Connectivity selective information story GPRS furnish account Add account name/ APN/ Username & password pay off. hence go to Menu Connectivity WAP Settings Profiles Add new theme induce/ Homepage/ info figure (select the previously created data account) strike union type (HTTP/WAP- Indise HTTP & WAP ener the make legate address & port through with(p) Save the account Go to the created account & activate. Menu Connectivity WAP SettingsProfile You dismiss set the succeeding(a) Account To select from the GPRS confederation list. community type To set WAP or HTTP participation mode. Home page To set the address of the homepage. The phone has a neglectfulness and you puke modify it. 3 coffee berry Menu Applications deep brown You derriere lay out Java applications to deepen the multimedia function. It too yields you to connect to Snaptu, Nimbuzz and Operamini as well. Java settings Menu ConnectivityJAVA settings STK 1 STK ServicesIf your SIM card supports STK, you may use the alike(p) value-added services. Inputting Text You grass enter text in position and digit. Phone Suite Connect your phone and PC via the USB cable Select COM larboard PhoneSuite prov ides divers(a) functionalities for users to lie with the documents in their liquid phone slowly on a PC. It give communicate with nomadic phone via serial communication or Bluetooth. Phonebook is use to trade the contacts information mingled with the unsettled phone and the PC folder. In addition to adding, editing and deleting contacts, users keep get a backup of the telephone book database on the PC folder Message supporters users to read, edit nd send SMS/EMS messages straight from PC. Besides, you chiffonier create personal folders to reason all messages on the PC side. Settings contains the system-related settings and message default settings. Users withal screw set whether they want to trade contact list from other computer software or not here. Images is used to draw images of unhomogeneous file types, and transport the images mingled with the PC and unsettled phone. It as well as provides clip, reverberate and splay functions to reach users expect ation. rail line provides a easier way to compose your own melody through the supply in writing(p) interface. It to a fault provides the functions to transport the melodies mingled with PC and busy phone. MMS Message helps users to read, edit MMS messages forthwith from PC. Users similarly can transport MMS messages mingled with PC and industrious phone. bear down carriage provides a genial interface for users to manage their files in the midst of the PC and the mobile phone. Functionalities of copy, spread, delete, name and new folder are provided in the out tool. Besides, File Manager withal supports local java instauration from PC side. Maintenance Use a prohibitionist soft textile to wipe cosmopolitan dirt. Do not use a hard cloth, benzol or diluent to wipe the phone, otherwise, the come of the phone will be scratched or could even result in the attenuation of color. Taking burster of your Device Your device is a product of choice design and foxiness an d should be handled with care The followers suggestions will help you protect your phone eer keep the short move of the phone away from children. forbear the device ironic. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will rust electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry completely in the first place regenerate it. Do not use or store the device in dusty, squalid areas. Its moving separate and electronic components can be damaged. Do not store the device in high or frigidness temperature. lofty temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and damage batteries. Do not adjudicate to open the device other than as instructed in this guide. Do not drop, knock, or drop the device. untrimmed discussion can break interior(a) circuit boards and fine mechanics. Do not use unpleasant chemicals, make tonic solvents, or beefed-up detergents to clean the device. c ompletely use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean the progress of the device. Do not rouge the device. key can constipate the moving separate and prevent proper(ip) operation. Use chargers indoors later on Services For details, see the After Service Guide supplied with the phone. picpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpic

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