Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Introduction and organizations as a soci-technical system Essay

Introduction and organizations as a soci-technical system - Essay typeTechnology has often to be found as associated with implementation problems, examples of which be found from past and therefore STS has gained its importance in IT arena for quite a time. A number of establishments have summarized the way socio-technical principles can be put into practice (Lamb, Sawyer, & Kling, 2000).From personal experience it can be inferred that socio-technical system encompasses the technical issues that are at the same time associated with behavioral approaches. A linkage between technological elements and social interactions has found to be extremely important and accommodating. Bhatt (2001) indicated that knowledge management is best carried out through the optimization of technological and social subsystems. Scacchi (2005) uses STINs (Socio-technical Interaction Networks) to understand Free and Open Source Software Development (F/OSSD) as discussed by Meyer E.T (2006). The weakness of socio-technical system described by Meyer E.T (2006) is that whether a system that embodies both people and technology can be demonstrated not be in

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