Sunday, June 16, 2019

Human Services 322 Ideology and Policy Evolution (Rev.C2) Assignment

Human Services 322 Ideology and Policy Evolution (Rev.C2) - Assignment ExamplePeople learn from the society on what to believe and what to imagine and even how to act. When the society holds the belief that the disenable in society do not need to be accorded any justice or treated somewhat because they are not the same as the await of the people, then everybody else in society will follow suit in the oppression. The societal beliefs are withal what makes the rest of the society consider the people living with various forms of disabilities as deserving to suffer whether from humiliation, being treated with hostility or being condemned and peculiarly to those suffering from mental disabilities and do not have the power to fight for their rights (Lightman, 2003).The other cause of oppression to the disabled in society is brought about by a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is spread through propaganda by the media which depicts the disables as being lazy and hence slow in do ing their work. This is clearly a misunderstanding and a misconception because the disabled are slowed down by their significant impairment. A crippled man using clutches for example cannot be expected to work at a faster rate as a normal and abled individual. Some of these people with disabilities also suffer constant pain and hence have to rest every now and then. These are the signs that are misconstrued and regarded as being laziness and slowness while they are indeed trying out their best. The other disabled on the streets seeking assistance are another reason for being regarded as lazy only they are simply seeking help but this does not mean they are lazy (Tomlinson & Trew, 2005).The other cause of oppression is simply nauseate for the disabled people because they are different from the rest of the people. The dislike is in such excess as to cause people to make the disabled suffer. The dislike is usually brought about by the fact that the disabled repulse the welfare assis tance, are exempted from

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