Monday, June 10, 2019

Renewabe Energy Sources Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Renewabe Energy Sources - Research Paper ExampleRenewable ability sources and the significant opportunities for the get-up-and-go efficiency exist over a wide geographical area. Deployment of the renewable energy and technological diversification of the energy sources would result in a significant energy security and economic benefits (Johansson, 2007). in that respect are several uncertainties surrounding the future of renewable sources of energy. There are claims that the available sources impart be unable meet the demand in the future. In the past, the renewable energy has been terribly expensive to produce and intention than fossils fuels. The renewable resources are mainly located in the remote areas, and it is terribly expensive to trope the power lines in urban areas where electricity produced is needed. The use of this energy sources is also limited by the fact that they are not always available for use. During the murky days, they may be no solar power produced (Tiwar i, 2012). When the winds are calm, and there is drought there would be no hydropower produced in such a case. The use and production of the renewable sources has grown in the recent years as a result of high prices of gas and natural fossil oil. The use of this energy is expect to continue rising over the next thirty years, although EIA projects will have to continue relying on the non-renewable fuels in order to meet the energy needs. Other sources of energy wish well the fossils cause an environmental hazard because they contribute in the global warming. The United States is the leading consumer of energy her energy is expected to rise in the future. option sources will be used this will ease the burden of importing petroleum products (Fra?ss-Ehrfeld, 2009). Therefore, U.S should be in the front line in developing the energy sources such as the wind and solar power. This will substantially boost the economy, hence reducing global warming and also help their citizen to save mone y. Unfortunately, oil companies have always been able to influence the department of Energy to reject proposals on additional sources of energy. It has always been that the decision of the department on the project will depend on the opinions of the oil companies. Few countries have the capabilities of storing the energy for use. This is an exercise which requires funding this makes it difficult to establish various points where the energy can be stored (Laughton, 2006). Sources like geothermic and water requires funds to implement the project. Lack of knowledge can also be a problem when implementing the project of renewable from of energy. Projects like geothermal and hydropower have to be implemented by electrical engineers, which might be a significant problem while finding one. Solar energy utilizes the infrared radiations to emit energy. This can be used at night and does not require additional resources. Despite requiring, no resources the people implementing must(prenomin al) have the undeniable knowledge to implement the project successfully. Energy is a necessary resource that is necessary for all industrial societies. Natural sources of energy like fossil fuels go a risk to the environment. Other sources of energy are not sufficient to meet the demand for energy. These conditions require the United States to find alternative sources of energy. These alternative sources must meet the demands of energy which will reduce the risks of global warming. Th

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